Ret. Commander Phil Ehr (D) US Representative District 28

Phil Ehr for Congress
c/o Katz Compliance
PO Box 33079
Washington, DC 20033-0079
Email: [email protected]


Phil Ehr is a Navy Commander with a distinguished 26-year career. He flew reconnaissance in the Cold War and combat support in Desert Storm. Phil provided strategic advice to senior leaders in Washington, London, and NATO. He also helped civilian agencies improve border security and earth science research using declassified space technology. As a young Midshipman, Phil’s first mission was rescuing Cubans escaping Castro’s regime. This experience solidified his commitment to service. Phil commanded missions in the Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, often in dangerous situations.

Beyond the Navy, Phil taught chess to children, fought corruption in the World Chess Federation, and instructed British officers. He founded a nonprofit to combat domestic political disinformation. Phil recently completed humanitarian aid missions in Ukraine.

Phil is running for office to represent South Miami-Dade and the Florida Keys. He aims to address extremism and chaos in Congress and defend American freedoms, democracy, and prosperity. Phil is married with two daughters.




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