Sherri Hodies Supervisor of Elections (R)


Address: 19769 Date Palm Dr, Sugarloaf Key, FL 33042
Phone #: (305) 432-0598
Email: [email protected]
Facebook, Instagram & Website: Elect Sherri Hodies


I’ve lived in Sugarloaf Key for over a decade. We own a business here and I’ve served on many boards and volunteered in many organizations. The Supervisor of Elections job is a Constitutional Office but it’s also an Administrative job. The residents of Monroe County couldn’t ask for a more qualified administrator! My education and work experience SCREAM administration. With 4 degrees and a Paralegal Certificate; along with my 27 years at Honda of America, I know how to administer responsibilities to get the job done! I have taken the INITIATIVE over the last 5 years to learn the Supervisor of Elections roles and responsibilities. I will bring a FRESH SET OF EYES to this job, roll up my sleeves and GET TO WORK ON DAY ONE!

TIP:  Transparency and Integrity Promised!!!

I’m prepared and ready to be your next Supervisor of Elections! I’m asking for your vote!



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