Michael Elgin Travis (State Rep) (D)

5220 College Road C306
Key West, FL 33040
Tel: 305-680-8373
[email protected]
FB: Facebook.com/Erika.Rose4HD120
WEB: Erikarosekw.com

Thank you! My name is Michael Travis, better known in the Key West and Florida communities as Erika Rose, a drag entertainer at 801 Bourbon Bar. I have answered the call to run for office to be a voice that stands up for the people. Every student has the right to an unbiased education. Every person has the right to live their best lives as their authentic self. Every woman has the right to bodily autonomy.
Just as important as equality is the power and voice of the people. Local governments are better suited to make the decisions needed for the prosperity of their people and environment. A states government role should be to support local governments not come in and tie their hands. Hometown rule is the strongest power a person has, local governments are better suited to listen to the people, not a handful of legislators almost a full state away.
Have the conversations with your family, friends, and neighbors, then go vote for who will listen to you.
Keep Calm and Stay Fabulous!


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