Friedman, Stephen


(State Rep)

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Email Address: [email protected]
Web Link:
Twitter: @CaptSteveFL120

Captain Steve Friedman is passionate about family, Florida, and fishing. He and his wife Kristine chose Islamorada as a home to raise their two children.

As a professional fishing guide for 18 years, Steve has the privilege of making his living working on the water. He has a keen understanding of how a robust environment propels a robust economy.
Having witnessed the 2015 seagrass die-off in his Florida Bay “office”, Steve stepped up to advocate for smarter policies on Everglades Restoration.

Steve has a degree from Drake University and a master’s from the University of New Mexico in Latin American Studies and Community and Regional Planning. Fluent in Spanish, he worked with a public health program in Paraguay, Mexico, Ecuador and studied in Costa Rica. Steve considers these experiences as the most formative in shaping his outlook on the world and the role he can play in creating change.



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