Drabinski, Walter P.


(KEYS Seat D)

Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 305-394-0784
Address:  20844 4th Ave., West Cudjoe Key, FL  33042
FB Link:  Elect Walt Drabinski for Utility Board Seat D
Web Link: www.electkeysenergywalt.com


I have worked in the electric utility industry for my entire career.  I earned a BS in Electrical Engineering and worked for a large utility as a Project Engineer and Department Director.  I attended the Wharton School, earned an MBA, and became a management consultant, working on 100 + utility assignments over a 25 year period.  I am the President of Vantage Energy Consulting, a utility management consulting firm.

I was president of Cudjoe Gardens POA; served six years as a member of the Florida Keys Sanctuary Advisory Council; am a 14 year member of the MOTE Marine Advisory Board; and addressed local issues such as wastewater system design and open pit burning of Irma waste.

This is my opportunity to utilize my experience and expertise to represent you, the customers of Keys Energy on a number of serious issues such as high rates, hurricane cost recovery, retirements and compensation.



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