Chris Massicotte (D) BOCC District 3


Address: 1615 Laird St, Key West, FL 33040
Phone #: (305) 394- 1108
Email: [email protected]
Video: Chris Massicotte


I’m running for commissioner because we need to have a conversation about sustainability in the Florida Keys. I’m an experienced accountant and auditor and I will use these skills to shine a light on our financial situation.

I will be your financial watchdog on the board. I am THE fiscal conservative in this race and I will bring transparency and accountability to our county’s budget.

Housing is our top issue in Monroe. I’m tired of watching my friends leave, good people who contribute so much to what makes the Keys so magical. They’re leaving not because they want to, but because it has become so difficult to live here that they have no other choice.

My vision for Monroe County is one where we take care of our residents first and that we stretch every one of your tax dollars as far as possible to keep housing costs down.


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