2020 County Constitutional Officers

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CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICER races are partisan elections.

There are no district or residence requirements for these races.

Because Florida is a “closed primary" state, a voter must affiliate with a political party in advance of the Primary Election in order to participate in that party’s primary. Voters may vote for any candidate, regardless of party, in the General Election.

As candidates file before the Aug. 25, 2019 Primary Election, we’ll update our candidates list and profiles. We’ve included incumbents for the moment, as many will likely run again.

Candidates for Monroe County Constitutional Officer Seats

Clerk of Court
Kevin Madok (R) (Incumbent)
Another candidate
Supervisor Elections
Joyce Griffin (D) (Incumbent)
Another candidate
Tax Collector
Aileen Galvan (D)
Sam Steele (R)
Rick Ramsay (R) (Incumbent)
Another candidate
Property Appraiser
Scott Russell (R) (Incumbent)
Another candidate

So, You're Thinking About Running: A Workshop for Winning Campaigns

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Voter Resource Guide

Hometown's resource guide with links to the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections, provides extensive tools to help you register, get a mail-in ballot, review finance reports and answer your questions.