2020 Judges & State Court Officers

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Judges & State Court Officer Candidates

Need to know

As candidates file before the Aug. 25, 2019 Primary Election, we'll update our candidates list and profiles. We've included incumbents as many will likely run again.

PLEASE NOTE: Only individuals with photos currently have active links.  

What seats are up?

State Attorney
Public Defender
Circuit Judge 1
Circuit Judge 3
Circuit Judge 4
County Judge 2

State Attorney and Public Defender

___ State Attorney ___

Donald Barrett (D)
Dennis Ward (R) (Incumbent)

___ Public Defender ___

Robert Lockwood (R) (Incumbent)
Another Potential Candidate

Circuit Court Judges

___ Circuit Judge 1 ___

Mark Jones (Incumbent)
Another Candidate

___ Circuit Judge 3 ___

Luis Garcia (Incumbent)
Another Candidate

___ Circuit Judge 4 ___

Bonnie Helms (Incumbent)
Another Candidate

County Court Judge

___ County Judge 2 ___

Mark Wilson (Incumbent)
Another Candidate

So, You're Thinking About Running: A Workshop for Winning Campaigns

Hometown! Key West's Winning Campaigns Workshop for those running, considering a run, or interested in campaign leadership. Saturday, January 11, 2020, at Marriott Beachside. Hometown! Key West - leaders in Good Government education.

Voter Resource Guide

Hometown's resource guide with links to the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections, provides extensive tools to help you register, get a mail-in ballot, review finance reports and answer your questions.