Steven Nekhaila (Key West City Commission District 4)

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Address: 2907 Patterson Ave, Key West, FL 33040
Phone #: (305) 393-6412
Email: [email protected]


Steven Nekhaila is an entrepreneur and lifelong Florida Keys resident. Growing up in Islamorada he moved South to Key West where he now lives with his wife Jelena and daughter Lana. He operates twelve businesses in the hospitality and restaurant industry, including the Wendy’s from Key West to Marathon, Dairy Queen in Tavernier, Island Grill in Islamorada, and Movie Theater in Tavernier employing over 250 employees. Locally he is known as the “Wendy’s Guy” as the heart of his operation in Key West is serving fast, quality, and value food to locals and tourists alike. His experience as an operator and administrator gives him a unique perspective on the Florida Keys most vibrant and important industry. The election for City of Key West Commission District 4 is August 23, 2022.




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