Aileen Galvan (D) Tax Collector

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Email:  [email protected]
Telephone: 305-797-9254
Mailing Address: PO Box 5187, Key West, Fl 33045
Facebook Link:
Website: www.galvanfortaxcollector2020.comI started working at the Monroe Tax Collector’s Office in October of 1993 and I bring 26 years of experience and leadership to my candidacy.

I have firsthand experience within the Tax Collector’s Office.  I started at the front-counter and I am currently the Director of Operations and manage the Current Real Tax Department.  As the Director of Operations, I work and oversee all departments of the office. I serve as back up to the Tax Collector and Assistant Tax Collector to oversee the daily operations of all offices throughout the Florida Keys. I will take my experience and knowledge to assure a smooth transition as your next Monroe County Tax Collector.

There has only been two Tax Collector’s in the past 50 years and I have had the privilege to work for both of them, it has provided me with a solid foundation in the office operations, leadership, and customer service.





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