2020 State Representative

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STATE REPRESENTATIVE races are partisan elections.

Because Florida is a “closed primary" state, a voter must affiliate with a political party in advance of the Primary Election in order to participate in that party’s primary. Voters may vote for any candidate, regardless of party, in the General Election.

Below is the State Representative seat that represents Monroe County in Tallahassee, FL.

STATE REPRESENTATIVE – District 120 | District 120 map

Registered Republican voters will have the opportunity to vote for their candidate on the August 18, 2020 ballot. The winner will face off against Democrat, Clint Barras In the General Election in November.

Candidates Florida Legislative Seats

State Representative | District 120

Clint Barras (D)
Rhonda Rebman Lopez (R)
James V. Mooney Jr (R)
Alexandria Suarez (R)

Voter Resource Guide

Hometown’s resource guide with links to the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections, provides extensive tools to help you register, get a mail-in ballot, review finance reports and answer your questions.