2020 Candidate Petitions

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2020 Candidate Petitions

Sign your candidate’s petition

Candidates traditionally gather their signed voter petitions at social and campaign events and by knocking on doors. Restrictions from COVID-19 have made that difficult, if not impossible.

The state has agreed to allow candidates to gather petitions online. You may download your preferred candidate’s petition, complete, sign and date it; then snap a photo and email or text back to the candidate. Snail mail works too, although the deadline is nearing!

What is the petition for?

In lieu of paying a qualifying fee to be on the ballot, a candidate may collect and submit petitions using the Candidate Petition Form. The candidate will need one percent of the registered voters in the last general election. (Requirements for municipal elections may be different.) The voter must sign and date the petition. You may sign petitions for multiple candidates.

NOTE: Signing a petition does not commit you to voting for that candidate.

Deadline for returning the petition to the candidate is MAY 6.

What to do

    • Find your candidate(s)
    • Click on the link to the candidate’s petition
    • Download and print the petition
    • Complete it, sign and date
    • Take a photo of the signed petition
    • Email, text, mail or deliver the scanned petition to the candidate. Candidate contact information¬†here.

Clint Barras

Sign Clint's petition

Robby Majeska

Sign Robby's Petition

Mindy Conn

Sign Mindy's Petition

Jim Mooney

Sign Jim's Petition

Alexandria Suarez

Sign Alexandria's Petition