Craig Cates (R)

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Address: 2719 Staples Ave, Key West, Fl 33040
Telephone: (305) 587-0587
Email: [email protected]

VIDEO: Meet Craig Cates
VIDEO: Meet the Candidate 6.12.2020

With good leadership, planning and the support of the community we can plan for a
better future for the Florida Keys. As Your District 1 Commissioner I understand your
County Government must represent all the Florida Keys and its Municipalities as we all
work together to protect our natural resources, our economy, our property values and
our quality of Life. We all know how fragile our ecosystem and our economy are, so you
deserve a Commissioner that understands these issues and challenges. I was born and
raised in Key West and a 4 th generation Conch so I have seen the many changes and I
know our history. As we navigate our future, I will bring my experiences of owning a
small business, raising a family, going through the many hurricanes and the evolutions
of our economy to the Commission. We Will Work Together To Keep Our County Moving




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