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Please call the Office of Supervisor of Elections

2018 Elections

US Senate (6- year term)

Bill Nelson (D), Incumbent

US Representative (2-year term)

District 26             Carlos Curbello (R), Incumbent

Florida State Governor (4-year term)

Open                      (Current Governor term-limited and cannot seek re-election)

Florida State Attorney General (4-year term)

Open                      (Current AG term-limited and cannot seek re-election)

Florida State Representative (2-year term)

District 120           Holly Raschein (R), Incumbent

Monroe County Commissioner (4-year term)

District 2:              George Neugent (R), Incumbent
District 4:              David Rice (R), Incumbent

Monroe County School Board (4-year term)

District 1:              Bobby Highsmith, Incumbent
District 4:              John Dick, Incumbent
District 5:              Ron Martin, Incumbent

Mosquito Control Board (4-year term)

District 2:              Philip Goodman (R), Incumbent
District 5:              Thomas McDonald (R), Incumbent

Monroe County Judge (6-year term)

16th Judicial:         Wayne Miller, Incumbent

Key West Mayor (2-year Term)

Open                        (current Mayor’s term-limited and cannot seek re-election)

Key West City Commission (4-year term)

District 2:                 Sam Kaufman, Incumbent
District 4:                 Richard Payne, Incumbent
District 5:                 Margaret Romero, Incumbent

Keys Energy Utility Board (4-year term)

Group 1:                   Steve Wells, Incumbent
Group 4:                   Mona Clark, Incumbent
Group 5:                   Charles Bradford, Incumbent

Hometown will add additional races and referendums from time-to-time; please watch and check this space often.