2018 Candidates

A public office is not a job,
it is an opportunity to do something for the public.

Franklin Knight Lane

In a democracy, the best way to effect change is by encouraging the citizens to exercise fully the rights of citizenship and to participate in the political life of their communities by being candidates for public office and to educate and involve themselves in community affairs.

To facilitate such change, Hometown helps candidates understand how a campaign is run, how to obtain contributions, and how to put a team together. In addition, Hometown works to establish awareness of and respect for the inalienable right of voters and candidates to exercise the freedoms of expression and assembly, which are crucial to our participatory democracy.

Throughout the election cycle, Hometown sponsors forums and events to ensure that there is a level playing field upon which candidates for elective office can compete fairly for the support of the voters. Through all of these efforts and more, Hometown strengthens the democratic institutions that are the pillars of good government.

The official 2018 General Election ballot was set after the results of the August 28, 2018 Primary election by the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections.  The following races and candidates will appear on the November 6, 2018 General Election ballot.

Board of County Commissioner
City Commissioner
Key West Mayor
Keys Energy
Monroe County Mosquito Control Board
Monroe County School Board
State Representative
US Congress

Barrios, Robert
(KEYS Seat D)

Mona C. Clark (KEYS Seat A)

Clark, Mona C.

Coldiron, Michelle   (BOCC District 2)

Curbelo, Carlos (REP)
(US Congress)

Davila, Gregory
WINNER (City District 4)

De Palma, Ralph
(DEM) (MCMCB District 2)

John Dick (MCSB District 4)

Dick, John
WINNER (MCSB District 4)

Friedman, Stephen (DEM) (State Rep)

Goodman, Phillip
(MCMCB District 2)

Mary Lou Hoover (City District 5)

Hoover, Mary Lou
WINNER (City District 5)

Johnston, Teri
(Key West Mayor)

Debbie Mucarsel Powell (US Congress)

Mucarsel-Powell, Debbie (DEM) (US Congress)

Ramsay-Vickrey, Beth
(KEYS Seat D)

Raschein, Holly Merrill (REP) (State Rep)

Rice, David
(BOCC District 4)

Romero, Margaret
(Key West Mayor)

Ryan, Tommy
(BOCC 2)

Tashjian, Vicki
(BOCC District 4)