A membership organization created
to promote good government

Hometown! aims to be a resource for the voting community and will provide events for prospective and incumbent candidates to make their views known, such as meet-and-greets and political forums.

Surveys conducted by the City Manager, the Tourist Development Council and poll-taker Louis Harris have clearly defined what the residents of Key West want our political leadership to focus on - and accomplish. The public has spoken. The pathways are readily evident. The six objectives below summarize the beliefs, goals and vision of our community's residents as revealed in these surveys.

Priority Points

  • Tax revenues must be invested frugally, wisely and without favoritism. Trust and integrity in public office are the cornerstones of good government.
  • What makes a community a good place to live are, in fact, the very same characteristics that attract visitors and strengthen the economy. Public officials must retain and protect the heritage and legacies we have inherited.
  • Building codes must be rigorous and diligently enforced as a means of ensuring architectural preservation and responsible development. What distinguishes Key West from other communities is much more than just weather; it is a "look," a style and a commitment to making sure that the community's future reflects its past.
  • Residents and visitors alike expect clean streets and sidewalks, proper trash removal, well-maintained parks, walking and bike paths, policing of vagrants, adequate parking and elimination of needless traffic congestion.
  • Aggressive measures to ensure our priceless marine assets: Pristine near shore waters and clean, accessible beaches. Effective collaboration with state and federal agencies to preserve the reef and preserve the fishing and boating industries.
  • Key West must retain an adequate inventory of affordable housing for working families and retired elders as well as professionals such as managers and skilled employees, educators, government employees, health care specialists and others. The current exodus must not be allowed to continue.

Hometown! Mission Statement,
Policy and Goals

The mission of Hometown! is to promote free expression and exchange of political viewpoints and ideas. To accomplish these goals, Hometown! will provide opportunities to educate its members and the voters in Key West and the surrounding environs through candidate lectures, forums, debates and other political discourse. These enabling actions will allow the voters to more fully consider the merits of the candidates and their proposals (i) to unite and give voice to residents, and (ii) to provide leadership and balance for economic growth while preserving the character of Key West.

POLICY: To carry out this mission, it shall be the policy of Hometown! to encourage the citizens of Key West and Monroe County to exercise fully the rights of citizenship, including participation in the political life of their communities by being candidates for public office and to educate and involve themselves in community affairs. Hometown! will not, however, rate, endorse or contribute to candidates.

Further, Hometown! shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office. In addition, members of the Board of Directors will not be authorized in their official capacity to make public or media statements in support of, or in opposition to, a political campaign or candidate for public office. When making such statements in their capacity as private citizens, such Directors must and will indicate clearly that they are not representing Hometown! or speaking for, or on behalf of, Hometown.

Goals for Hometown!

  • Promote accountability and integrity in local government by following issues to ensure laws are wisely conceived and fairly applied.
  • Advocate respect for our diverse neighborhoods and their priorities.
  • Respectfully preserve Key West's historic character and legacy.
  • Welcome cooperative opportunities to work in concert with other organizations on issues that reflect shared objectives.


Membership is open to residents or homeowners who work or live in Key West---and all those who seek to advance the mission and policy of the Hometown! organization. Active, continuing membership requires a $40 minimum payment each year for an individual or $55 for an individual and spouse or partner. Membership is nonpartisan.